Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Invitations

Dinosaurs are reptiles that became extinct more than 65 million years ago. They were the dominant terrestrial animals for over 150 million years and still hold a prominent place in the study of palaeontology and in popular culture.

The fossil record has been surprisingly helpful in identifying dinosaur species, and they are represented by thousands of specimens with some having been studied in great detail.

With these fossils, we have learned about dinosaur anatomy and behavior and they have captured the public imagination like no other extinct creatures, capturing their interest with many active research areas.

Dinosaurs are a group of animals that lived on Earth over 66 million years ago. They became extinct about 66 million years ago, but we still know a lot about them today because their fossils were very well preserved in the ground.

There are many different types of dinosaurs: herbivores (animals that eat plants), carnivores (animals that eat meat) and omnivores (animals that eat both). There used to be lots of different types of dinosaurs, but today there are only 3 types left: the velociraptor, the pteranodon and the tyrannosaurus rex.

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